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Our services

We provide a comprehensive range of services for print and digital media (websites, eBooks, eMags, flipbooks, CDs and DVDs):

  • Design
  • Layout
  • Typesetting
  • eBooks (ePub and Kindle)
  • Technical illustration
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Website development
  • Prepress
  • Print management
  • Multimedia management

For academics and scientists, we specialise in:

  • Journals
  • Technical reports
  • Monographs
  • Conference and seminar proceedings (print and CD/DVD versions)
  • Fact sheets

Academic and scientific journals, technical reports, monographs and proceedings

Sunset Publishing Services is a company dedicated to excellence in the editing, design, layout and production of academic and scientific journals, technical reports, monographs and conference proceedings.

At Sunset, we view the successful preparation of quality technical publications as a specialist field that requires a team of trained and experienced staff. Unlike many of our competitors, we believe that clarity of the message is just as important as attractive design, and we are also well aware that academic and scientific journal articles must adhere to industry and editorial standards, and require a high degree of accuracy. They often include complex material, can be quite lengthy, and contain scientific, mathematical or financial data. These publications usually require the preparation of graphs, charts and complex illustrations, and rely heavily on images being correctly integrated with written text.

Whether the requirement is a financial, business, scientific or technical publication, our staff are experienced in ensuring that information, references, footnotes, abstracts and headings are all presented in a consistent manner. If requested, we can edit your manuscript to ensure it conforms to the style required by the journal publisher. We also make sure all references and labels are correct and complete, at the same time proofreading for grammatical and spelling errors, and verifying that diagrams are easy to understand and match their corresponding text descriptions.

Where conformity of layout to academic or scientific journal style is required, we can typeset manuscripts using the publisher’s specifications, accurately follow a supplied design, and draw illustrations to a given standard.

The challenge for us at Sunset Publishing Services is to turn information sourced from a range of authors, often from different backgrounds and nationalities, into a single, coherent document – on time and on budget. We understand that it takes time to source the final content, but we have a wealth of experience in managing disjointed workflows while working to agreed timelines. For us, this is normal. Also, we understand and can accommodate the fact that the finished product will often require last-minute changes.

The following sample demonstrates our expertise in mathematical typesetting and the creation of graphs and other technical illustrations.

Graphs and equations

Sunset Publishing Services is proud to have produced a wealth of printed and digital (CD/DVD) material for universities, government and private research organisations. The following are just a few examples of our work.


Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society

Solar09 CD labelSolar09 CD coverSolar09 CD insert

Sustainable Minerals Institute (University of Queensland) Annual Report

SMI annual report coverSMI annual report pages

Advances in Grouper Aquaculture (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research)

Grouper Aquaculture coverGrouper Aquaculture pages

Samoan Food and Cultural Profile (Nutrition Promotion Unit, Metro South Community Health Services)

Samoan Food and Nutrition ProfileSamoan Food and Nutrition Profile