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Our services

We provide a comprehensive range of services for print and digital media (websites, eBooks, eMags, flipbooks, CDs and DVDs):

  • Design
  • Layout
  • Typesetting
  • eBooks (ePub and Kindle)
  • Technical illustration
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Website development
  • Prepress
  • Print management
  • Multimedia management

The Seven Deadly Sins

Ask ten proofreaders or editors their seven pet hates, and no doubt you’ll end up with seventy rather than seven examples. In fact, we had quite an argument here at Sunset as we tried to narrow the list down to just seven! Here’s what we ended up with:

1. Lead/led

2. Everyday/Every day

3. It’s/Its

4. Alright/All right

5. Stationery/Stationary

6. Foreword/Forward

7. Separate/Seperate

About us

Sunset Publishing Services is one of Australia’s leading typesetting and graphic design companies, specialising in the production of quality publications for print and digital distribution. We work alongside some of the best communications professionals and employ the finest editors, proofreaders, designers and typesetters in Australia, maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.

Our team

Sunset Publishing Services has a multi-skilled team, possessing expertise in creative design, layout, image enhancement, typography, illustrations and graphics, editing, proofreading, digital document production and print management.

Our senior management and quality-monitoring staff have held production control positions in both private industry and government, acquiring along the way an extensive knowledge of page layout and multimedia technology. Their backgrounds include hardware/software consultancy, lecturing in graphics software and typography, typesetting, editing, proofreading, and adult literacy tuition. It is this experience that provides the focus for Sunset’s commitment to excellence in the printed and electronic word.

Our mission

  • To passionately apply our extensive experience and knowledge of the publishing industry’s no-compromise approach to accuracy, including the correct use of the English language and fine typography, to all our clients’ visual communication needs.
  • To continually involve our clients in the production process, fine-tuning ideas and resolving issues so that our clients have confidence in our processes and skills.
  • To always manage projects to meet clients’ timelines and budgets.
  • To faithfully apply our proven quality-assurance processes at all stages of production, including double-checking of every detail.

  • To continually assess and adopt new technologies and creative ideas in order to provide innovative solutions.
  • To highlight the need for increased literacy levels in the graphic arts industry and bring this need to the attention of relevant educational institutions.

Our core values

Customer-focused attitude

We are extremely focused on what the client wants to achieve.


Having strong work ethics and extensive experience, we have the tenacity and courage to commit to client timelines and resolve technical issues quickly and seamlessly.

Consistency and accuracy

Being a well-trained team with detailed knowledge of publishing industry standards, we ensure all publications excel in consistency and accuracy.

Attention to detail

The devil is in the detail, so we spend time looking for that devil and eliminating it.

Technology and industry awareness

We assess and embrace new technology and the benefits it provides in creativity and efficiency.


We know what our clients go through, so we provide advice and assistance without prompting.

Quality outcomes

Above all, we know that our clients expect quality outcomes, and our commitment to quality is what defines us and separates us from the crowd.

Quality management

As part of our commitment to quality management, all designs and proofs are checked by a senior staff member prior to being submitted to clients. Any changes requested by the client, once incorporated, are also checked for accuracy of interpretation.

Our experience has shown that this quality-control process reduces the back-and-forth correspondence and proofing required for large projects. It also reduces the overall cost of the project and ensures timelines are met more effectively. Our belief is that by concentrating on the early detection of potential issues, the more cost-effective and timely the whole project will become. This process includes having a sign-off on the initial design, prior to any detailed work commencing.

Sunset’s project-management principles

Sunset Publishing Services project-manages each assignment, ensuring key principles and potential issues are identified before commencement and can be monitored throughout the life of the project.